Conference “Circular Economy and Sustainable Development”

At the conference, the White Paper was presented with examples of good practices from three Balkan countries in collaboration between businesses, municipalities and academia.
The White Paper has been issued for the first time in the region and presents the necessity of collaboration and dialogue between real sector, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academia structures, research and informational centers and others, who actively working in the field of :
– urban sustainability;
– local inheritance;
– sustainable manufacturing and agriculture (about soil, forest and biomass);
– quality of air and its influence on human health and environment;
– energy and renewable resources, etc.

The focuses of the content are the good practices in The Republic of Bulgaria, The Republic of Northern Macedonia and The Republic of Serbia.

To the left : Mrs. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova, President of BSDI

We started with these three countries – Bulgaria, as a leader in the region, Serbia and Northern Macedonia. We will upgrade the “White Book” with a digital platform, in which we will make all good practices accessible, so that we could better fulfill the goals for sustainable development of the UN“.

Mrs. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova, President of BSDI

Speakers in the conference were :

Sultanka Petrova – Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria;
Prof. Petranka Fileva – Deputy Chair of the United Nations Association of Bulgaria;
Ivan Neykov, Ph. D. – Chair of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Institute for Labour and Social Policy;
Mayors of 5 Northern Macedonian municipalities;
Academia professors from France, Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria;
and the President of the trade union partners (Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria).

The audience was composed of different diplomats representatives from Bulgaria, Morocco and Belgium

The initiative was supported by Eva Paunova-Maidel from Brussels, a member of the European Parliament from GERB / ENP, who addressed all attendees by a video greeting:

Eva Paunova-Maidel, member of the European Parliament from GERB / ENP

My generation is under the risk to be the last one, which has the opportunity to prevent the climate changes before it’s too late. The big European debate for sustainable development and environment preservation is at full course. At the end of March’19 we voted a full ban of the usage of disposable plastic products from fossil fuels from 2021. It’s not enough to only recycle now. We have to stop producing so much waste, if we want to avoid being the first generation which children will live in worse conditions than their parents. We have to change the manners of manufacturing and consumption”.

Eva Paunova-Maidel, member of the European Parliament from GERB / ENP

The topics of Circular economy; sustainable partnerships of the Balkan countries and the fulfillment of Goal 17 “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development” from the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were discussed in the agenda of the conference, as well as several Memorandums for Collaboration were signed as a conclusion of the program, between the BISD and municipalities from The Republic of Northern Macedonia:

– by Mayor Boris Georgievski on behalf of the municipality of Gazi Baba;
– by Mayor Velimir Smilevski on behalf of the municipality of Butel;
– by Mayor Aleksandar Naumovski on behalf of the municipality of Giorche Petrov;
– by Mayor Atse Kotcevski on behalf of the municipality of Veles;
– by Mayor Blagoy Bochvarski on behalf of the municipality of Shtip.

Left to right : Mayor Boris Georgievski (Gazi Baba), Mayor Velimir Smilevski (Butel), Mayor Aleksandar Naumovski (Giorche Petrov) , Mayor Atse Kotcevski (Veles) , Mayor Blagoy Bochvarski (Shtip) and Mrs. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova, President BSDI
Mrs. Sultanka Petrova, Deputy Minister of the Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria

We live in dynamic times, which forse Europe to numerous challenges, in reference to the new technologies, the digitalization, the competiveness and many more which will change our world in the coming years. We have currently reached a good progress on the global goals for ecological, social and economic development, including on the UN 2030 Agenda. Circular economy offers numerous opportunities for progress on the Balkans and our citizen. Circular economy will allow us to modernize and transform the economies of these countries which will bring sustainable development. Thus, we all together are obliged to make this change”

Mrs. Sultanka Petrova, Deputy Minister of the Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria
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