Florence Wijsbroek
Tsvetelina Tsvetanova


She initiates and coordinates activities in the field of sustainable development in the Balkan countries (the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria, Armenia,…) and more particularly in the implementation of the 2030 Plan.

She is a world expert in Sustainable Development, and most importantly, the fulfillment of the 2030 plan goals.

She participated in the preparation of reports on good practices in the Francophone countries as well as her presentation at the Yerevan 2018 summit.

In her role as Business Club Director in France (10 years), she has worked in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, social and solidarity economy with about 300 representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

David Guillerm

David Guillerm is Co-Founder President of the associative think-tank “Démocrates Pour La Planète, a gathering of moderates around environmental issues and emissary in France of the “European Partnership for the environment”.

Denitsa Tsekova

Denitsa Tsekova is the founder of Infinitus Ltd and a Board member of the International Project Management Association (IMPA) – Bulgaria.

Ms. Tsekova has master degrees in International economics and Finance from UNWE and University of Sheffield.

Denitsa Tsekova has more than 20 years of experience in management of investment and other projects funded through European, regional, national grant and donor programs, financial and debt instruments, public-private partnership, etc.

She is working with corporate, state, municipal and non-governmental organizations from different sectors in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe. Ms. Tsekova has also entrepreneurial initiatives in Kosovo and Macedonia.

Mother of three children.

Stefan Karmaza

Stefan Karmaza is a founder and CEO of Vectio Ltd. and former Board Member and Advisory Board Member of Companies listed on the Polish Stock Exchange Market.

Mr. Karmaza has completed Execute Master of Business Administration at the Warsaw University with honors, Management and Marketing Post Graduation at the Koźmiński Academy and has Master Degree in Computer Science at the Adam Mickiewicz’s University of Poznan.

Stefan Karmaza is an Experienced Executive developing and managing Company Business Strategies based on the new technologies (process automation, blockchain, IoT, AI).

Certified Prince2 PM, Certified Agile Scrum Master and ITIL IT Service Management. Specialises in complete business and technical projects cycle management.
Awarded by ABB Poland for the Best Strategy Paper consulting project during his Executive MBA Course.

Dimce Todorovski

Ministry of Agriculture Advisor- Macedonia

Managing World Bank Project, KFW Bank.
Planning and organizing, marketing strategy according given conditions.

Nano-technology Engineer and advisor
Processing of natural minerals with nanotechnology, agro-processing fertilizers, shell supplements and animal products.
megageen.com and nanozeolit.com, factory in Skopje,Vizbegovo
Neutralization of radioactivity, low and medium radioactive waste. Protection against flora and fauna, irradiated water and native regeneration.

Consultant for Bio-production
Mentor and advisor for mushroom composting, composting, organic production, bio-waste recycling.

Od 1990 g. Consultant in Southeastern Europe, Practical Manufacturing with a Roundup on Animals Waste Recycling, Vegetable Waste Residues, Carbamide (urea) from animal farms, (zinc) residue from dairies, residue from green bio-power plants, sediment sludge from dams, canals, purification stations in phase 5 with cancellation of heavy metals, heavy chemistry (pesticides, fungicides, etc.) at the end of the phase, pure manure for agriculture is obtained.

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