20 June 2022

On the initiative of BSDI, the Bulgarian Ministry of Ecology will organise a roudtable entitled “Public policies and Sustainable Business”. This event will be held on 20 June in Pleven in presence of Mr Borislav Sandov, Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Action and Minister for the Environment and Water.
For more information, you can download the programme (PDF)

03 JUNE 2022

BSDI will participate in the webinar given by OMNICAR and the Bulgarian Ministry of Ecology.
This webinar will be open to all on 3 June.
For the programme, please follow the link

25 APRIL 2022

In partnership with the University of national and world economy from Sofia (IPS), BSDI launches 2 training courses for companies. These courses will be conducted in Bulgarian.
To know more, please follow the links :
> Course 1
> Course 2

15 MARCH 2022

In partnership with ESFAM, BSDI offers training for companies : “Creating a strategy for ecological transition”. This training will be provided in Bulgarian/English/French.
To know more about this training, please follow the link

14 OCTOBER 2021

BSDI spoke at the Institute of European Democrats on the topic of biodiversity.


BSDI participated in the working group of the international forum CONVERGENCE
To know more, please follow CONVERGENCE

20 MAI 2021

As part of sharing the sustainable vision for our planet, the BSDI president participated in the Democrats for the Planet white paper : The Democrats for the Planet White Paper: Our 13 Actions for Sustainable Development.
To know more, please follow the link (french only)

21 APRIL 2021

BSDI, together with the Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie und Handelskammer, is organizing a webinar “Sustainability and CSR : the role of the company in developing a new business model”.
this webinar will take place on 21 April.
To register, please follow the link

09 NOVEMBER 2020

The National Center for Agrarian Science has signed a memorandum of understanding for a joint commitment to sustainable development with BSDI.
The partners will work on the development of an online tool.

27 OCTOBER 2020

BSDI is a member of the newly established ‘EPE College of Emissaries’.
EPE (European Partners for the Environment) is a Brussels based partnership broker and a multi-stakeholder think tank.
EPE has been launched after the Rio92 conference in July 1994, by a group of organisations under the leadership of Claude Fussler and the patronage of UNEP.


BSDI has established a partnership with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF).
BSDI is committed to working for ODD 5


BSDI is member of the European Diversity Charter community

15 AUGUST 2020

BSDI has new representative on multiple territories :

Mr. Dusko Jevtovic in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Mr. Stefan Karmaza in Poland, Warsaw

Mr Dimce Todorovski in Macedonia, Skopje

02 JUNE 2020

BSDI has established a partnership with Euro Créative.
Based in Paris since 2019, Euro Créative is an independent and non-profit think tank focused on Central and Eastern Europe.

30 MAI 2019

BSDI has established a partnership with The Cornelius Arts Foundation.
The Cornelius Arts Foundation is a R&D charity committed to understanding and unleashing the transformative power of art.

17 DECEMBER 2019

BSDI in partnership with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (bcci) brought together business representatives and partners in Sofia.
More informations

15 NOVEMBER 2019

BSDI has established a partnership with the french finance climate pact.
A partnership agreement was signed with Mrs Natalie Dupont, head of Germany’s climate finance pact and member of the board of the french finance climate pact directors.

14 NOVEMBER 2019

BSDI has established a partnership with the bulgarian academy of agriculture.

25 OCTOBER 2019

BSDI is working with LATECOERE, an international company, on the evaluation of these practices and the impact of its actions on its territory.
This evaluation is organised around the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, the 169 sub-objectives and 232 indicators of the UN 2030 Agenda.

20 OCTOBER 2019

BSDI supports the initiative of the French association “UTOPIA” to share best practices regarding the reduction of plastics.
An action is planned towards the African continent (boat trip) to share good practices.

15 OCTOBER 2019

World Organization for Early Childhood Education
BSDI participated in the conference organized by OMEP Bulgaria concerning the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

10 OCTOBER 2019

Civil society report
BSDI has produced a report on the involvement of civil society in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda in 30 French-speaking countries.
This report will be presented the 30 october 2019 at the “Francophone ministerial conference”
Language : french


BSDI was mentioned in the OIF/IFDD report « Francophony and sustainable development : Innovations and good practices ».

You can download the report (only in french) on the IFDD website


Krynica Economic Forum
BSDI participated in the Krynica Economic Forum where we presented the vision of the actors of the territories and our partners in the theme: “Eco investments in the region”.

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