BSDI works currently with all stakeholders in sustainable development, in the territory of the following countries:
– Bulgaria
– Serbia
– Northern Macedonia

– France
– Belgium
– United Kingdom

BSDI has formalized partnership agreements whose objective is to focus on actions in the field of sustainable development but also to develop sustainable partnerships through the SDG n°17 (Partnerships for the goals).

Latécoère, Bulgaria
European Partners for the Environment, Belgium
Démocrates Pour La Planète, France
EdenRed, Bulgaria
Servier, Bulgaria
United Nations, USA
Esfam, Bulgaria
Pacte Finance-Climat, France
Euro Créative, France
The Cornelius Arts Foundation, United Kingdom
Agricultural Academia, Bulgaria
Utopia, France
Faculty of Management, Technical University, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, Bulgaria
Université de Technologie de Troyes, France
University of forestry and water Bulgaria
Slavic Faculty Republic of North Macedonia
Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria
BUTEL Municipality Macedonia
Economics faculty Serbia
GAZI BABA Municipality Macedonia
GIORCHE PETROV Municipality Macedonia
Shtip Municipality Macedonia
VELES Municipality Macedonia
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